Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel for PS3 and PC:ワールドセレクトショップ - 41196

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Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel for PS3 and PC【商品名】
Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel for PS3 and PC



The best-selling mainstream racing wheel gets even better, with new PC/PlayStation 3 electronics, a new pedal set and more buttons! The new version of the Ferrari Challenge features significant enhancements designed to boost users' gaming fun - including 3 extra buttons, for even greater control in the latest racing games! What's more, these buttons work in conjunction with a new and improved electronic system. To top things off, all of the wheel's mechanical components have been optimized as well. Worthy of a special mention is the pedal set, which is completely new: its ergonomics have been reviewed and refined from A to Z. This new configuration ensures comfortable use no matter what the gamer's foot size, along with optimal control of the pressure applied for acceleration and braking. The resulting design is both modern and aggressive, and also incorporates a highly effective, non-slip foot rest. The Ferrari Challenge Wheel is continuing its distinguished career - having been certified triple platinum, with more than 1,800,000 units sold since it was first launched. With this history of excellence to draw from, it incorporates tried-and-true features such as its "Mapping" function, its programmability and its dual PC and PlayStation 3 compatibility. It also features adjustable sensitivity on the wheel's steering, along with linear resistance - all to ensure the most precise and realistic driving experience. The wheel's automatic re-centering is yet another element which has always been appreciated by users. Its wheel-mounted sequential gearbox system adds even more realism, thanks to 2 Ferrari-style digital paddle shifters. In the center of the wheel, for very easy access, are 1 D-Pad, 12 action buttons (including the 2 paddle shifters) and 1 "Home" button to call up PlayStation 3 menus.

Adjustable steering sensitivity for more precise control . Realistic linear resistance on the wheel with automatic re-centering

52,300円 (税込)
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